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An experienced, passionate,
and technology-driven idea factory.


We bring together form and function.


Cross-platform development

With the growing adoption rate of smartphones and their underlying platforms, a mobile strategy must involve a system by which cross-platform development can occur. Our development process involves the creation of native web applications; making applications more accessible.

Leveraging social networks

By leveraging APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, we are afforded the ability to integrate technology that allows applications to take on a life of their own.

Gaming = engagement

As avid gamers, we understand the core principles that make games successful and how it adds to the user's experience. The gaming industry's contributions have influenced education, advertising and entertainment.

The platform that makes this all possible

With more connected devices having native web browsers, the future is in applications that provide rich interactive experiences within the browser. This covers not only mobile phones, but connected devices such as Google TV, Boxee Box, PS3, and tablets just to name a few.

platform agnostic

Droids that paint

Bits and bytes plus beautiful ideas equals works of art.



It starts with a conversation

Our team works together to develop relationships by which ideas are explored and transformed.

The fact of the matter is

We don't see problems or challenges, we see opportunities for growth and the chance to create new tools that help us usher ideas into reality.

We take ownership

Everyone involved plays an integral part in ensuring the success of the project.


We fill in the gaps

Without a sense of direction and a collective intelligence, questions may be left unanswered and creative ideas may get lost in the shuffle.

We build a story

Planning should never be overlooked, in any project big or small. Goals need to be defined, resources need to be mobilized and processes need to be put place.

Ideas are solidified

Resources are tasked. The building blocks have been created, now it's time to start putting things in place.


Pre-Alpha + Prototype

Applications are developed in phases. The overall system architecture is defined, wireframes are mapped out taking into account its content and information is architectured.

Milestones are defined and critical functionality is prioritized. Wireframes are transformed into a working program at it's most basic level.

Alpha + Beta

During this process additional functionality is added, with frequent builds of the application made available to the QA (Quality Assurance) department. QA is integral to a projects success, it persists throughout the development life cycle.



After extensive testing, the integration of the application's look and feel and implementation of its core functionality. All stakeholders are given the opportunity to review a close to final build of the application.


At this stage feedback from key stakeholders are implemented and any usability and functionality quirks, if they exist are ironed out.



The end, well not quite. All stakeholders are involved at this critical moment. Once all parties are in agreement, the application is then released to the public.

Ongoing optimization

Given the nature of application development and the internet, we are afforded the opportunity to continously add and refine the application's functionality thereby delivering a growing experience to the application's user base.

Performance reporting

Analytic data is key to providing a vast array of information to ensure that the application is delivering a superior experience. Tools are embedded within the application that provide insights about users, products and the overall stakeholders to review the application's performance in the wild.

We dream of electric sheep

We're geeks at heart who live and breathe technology, transforming ideas into real world applications.

The Company


We are a software development company that utilizes cutting edge technology to engage users in innovative experiences. Our obsession with perfection fuels our innovation. We don't reinvent the wheel; we create new technologies to overcome challenges where there may not be an existing solution.

The Team


We grew up playing games on the Commodore 64 and started dabbling in code, when BASIC was basic and HyperTalk was used to develop hypermedia which preceeded the World Wide Web.

We are technology enthusiasts. We are a talented, young, yet experienced group with a variety of skill sets. All team members own a facet of our process, but possess a standard skill set that is crucial to our core business: development. Our collaboration process allows us to tackle new challenges with a clearly
defined purpose.